My morning routine in an image.


I miss buffy so much


Rocket Raccoon Sketch (2014)

Looking forward to catching Guardians of The Galaxy, when I get a spare moment!  :)

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It keeps hitting me, now that I have access to these images, how insane modern US historical education is. Specifically that we can be taught about the Silk Road, the Crusades, the Roman Empire with its roads you could safely travel from one…


The State of Utah has the highest consumption of pornography viewing per capita than any state in the United States.



Did you know that in certain European countries it is illegal to display any sort of Nazi symbol? What the fascist white supremacist neo-Nazi scum of Germany, France, etc. have been doing is displaying the Confederate flag instead, because there is no ban on it.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that the flag of the Confederacy has nothing to do with racism, remember that actual Nazis are using it as their preferred symbol, and please remind them that they are actually pieces of literal shit.

When the movie releases, are you prepared to be a hero to thousands of kids? What will it mean to you? (x)

Um. I officially now worship this man.


President Obama wants this pussy.



Rainbows: with Tornado & Lightning

The gays are angry



Exercise caution, especially with things labeled “fresh” pizza

I dunno, I’m most worried about “stairs”


Oh hey an actual, honest-to-goodness reference to when things were better.


has a muslim man ever played abraham lincoln

has an aboriginal woman ever played elizabeth I

has a black man ever played george washington

has a turkish woman ever played eleanor of aquitaine


then why the fuck would you get the whitest white men to play Ramesses II and Moses

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